tasty morsels; a library
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issue 2 from the series,
"dick arkive"
r mccarthy, 'dick arkive: issue 2' download
duration: 13:24 released: 1/11/17 info

bgm for rem
keyboard, 'staying in' download
duration: 33:35 released: 17/8/17 info

on a ranch in sancerre, in the centre of france, in the middle of a vineyard in the middle of nowhere, at the end of my first relationship
infinite bisous, 'w/ love' download
duration: 33:55 released: 15/3/17 info

a cyclical improvisation
for the soft waves between me and fløyen

recorded in the stone ceiling'd side chapel
at bergen domskirken (cathedral)

alecs pierce, 'harbour music' download
duration: 15:47 released: 31/10/16 info

an early breakfast and a crisp walk; the lawn feeling
laundry, 'laundry' download
duration: 15:47 released: 3/10/16 info

all music recorded by d shutt
at ringstrasse 14, germany
d shutt, 'farben' download
duration: 14:35 released: 20/5/16 info

to celebrate a sanctuary of sorts
r mccarthy, 'dick arkive: issue 1' download
duration: 10:34 released: 20/5/16 info

if you love another person,
find ways to tell them as best you can

recorded in one comfortably seated take
at studio ferber, paris, france
h hunt, 'playing piano for dad' download
duration: 35:11 released: 20/5/16 info

treat me with respect
when you are finished, recycle me
sad eyes, 'vegetables' download
duration: 8:58 released: 14/2/16 info

taken from the album 'w/ love'
infinite bisous, 'teen sex / life + you' download
duration: 7:49 released: 25/1/16 info

a very good song taken from the album 'w/ love'
infinite bisous, 'the past tense' download
duration: 3:33 released: 21/9/15 info

it's not that deep, it's simple

available only right here
laurie holiday, 'dusted' download
duration: 16:55 released: 30/6/15 info

a quite quiet journey
dedicated to oldest friends and nearby shrubbery
naran ratan, 'trees etc.' download
duration: 11:11 released: 22/5/15 info

a well-articulated documentary of coincidence,
odd nature and pilgrimage
dialect, 'advanced myth' download
duration: 41:55 released: 14/2/15 info

thirteen morsels
selected by friends
'tasty morsels, vol. 2' download
duration: 32:51 released: 24/6/14 info

recorded in dick ark 2011-2012 in forever loving memory of jake conor mccarthy
column, 'a year in your garden' download
duration: 31:46 released: 20/12/13 info

a short playing single to fall in and out of
arabian prince in a uk world, 'feeling of being on a diet' download
duration: 5:02 released: 6/12/13 info

the second part of our 'music to play tony hawk to' series, for friends and play

available only right here
'life on wheels ii' download
duration: 42:37 released: 14/11/13 info

6 tracks of beauty, from the wobbliest
dreams we've had; it had been great
cute boobs, 'missin' u' download
duration: 17:08 released: 9/11/13 info

2 jams from laurie bird

a: acid
b: jussa trip
laurie bird, 'acid / jussa trip' download
duration: 6:07 released: 7/10/13 info

2 jams from kimono man

a: boy no. 1
b: a good evening
kimono man, 'boy no. 1 / a good evening' download
duration: 7:01 released: 7/10/13 info

we offer you our songs to enjoy and cherish; this collection is a sign of how much we care
'tasty morsels, vol. 1' download
duration: 42:18 released: 24/6/13 info

gorgeous collection of tracks
realised for purpose of relaxation,
competition and reflection
through tony hawk pro skate game

available only right here
'life on wheels: music to play tony hawk to' download
duration: 44:07 released: 14/2/13 info